Have You Met Maggie?

Have You Met Maggie?

Maggie is our muse, deity, posterchild, biggest fan, and biggest attraction here at Maggie's Pet Boutique - can't you tell??

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Most of our customers have met Maggie, BUT if you haven't, here's a quick introduction to Maggie and how we came to open up Maggie's Pet Boutique, a local pet supplies store and boutique pet shop serving the Long Neck, Lewes, and Millsboro, DE areas.

Maggie's Pet Boutique

Before you meet Maggie, it's important that you meet Micha.

Michiko, or Micha, is a Jersey Shore native and founder of several local businesses (Blooming Boutique, Lewes Gifts & Bay Side Gifts, Treasures, Lewes Wear & Just Lewes) in the areas around Millsboro and Lewes, Delaware. With a degree from the University of Delaware in Fashion and Merchandising, Micha's goal is to provide unique, fun experiences in her stores through whimsical, colorful, diverse products and people. 

When Micha met Maggie, it quickly became apparent that Maggie was always destined to become a storeowner, they just hadn't quite formulated the plan yet. When Maggie became ill, it pushed things into motion and brought about what was always meant to be: Maggie's Pet Boutique. 

Maggie's Pet Boutique is a one-stop shop to get everything you'd ever need for your furiends, from healthy foods to amazing toys and even gifts and apparel for humans are in abundance, as well. The selection is amazing and every item in the store is approved by Maggie, so you know you're only getting the best selection of foods, treats, supplies, and more for dogs, cats, and other pets everywhere! 

These days, Maggie is famous! She wears clothes and jewelry, she's a star in commercials, she's got friends and fans everywhere, and she's got a store! Come visit us!

We are located at 36932 Silicato Drive, Suite 2 Millsboro, DE.
Monday - Thursday: 10am - 5pm
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm
You can give us a call at 302-648-3455!
And some more photos of Maggie for you here!