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Fussie Cat Tuna & Ocean Fish Puree

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Fussie Cat Tuna with Ocean Fish Purée is love at first lick. Creamy in texture and rich in taste, this indulgent, flavorsome puree will make even the Fussiest of Cats demand more! Fussie Cat Tuna with Ocean Fish Purée is an easy-to-feed cat treat with essential vitamin E for your cat’s diet to support healthy skin and coat.

Fussie Cat’s secret to a purr-fect purée is that we always use carefully sourced, simple, and wholesome ingredients. Not only delicious but also full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal addition to your cat’s everyday diet.

Available in eight tasty varieties, Fussie Cat Purées are high in the moisture your feline friend needs for a healthy and active life. Add it as a topper to make mealtime exciting and flavorful, or serve it straight out of the tube as a delicious paw-some snack.

Feeding time is exciting with our new Fussie Cat Purée Cat Treats!
Available in 2.0 oz packs

Water sufficient for processing, Tuna, Ocean Fish, Potato, Sunflower Oil, Xanthan Gum, Taurine, Vitamin E Supplement.

Crude Protein: 6.0% (Min)

Crude Fat: 1.5% (Min)

Crude Fiber: 0.5% (Max)

Moisture: 86.0% (Max)

Taurine: 0.02% (Min)

Metabolizable Energy

555 kcal, 7.7 kcal per tube

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Feed as a treat to your cat. This product is not intended to be fed as a meal. Provide clean, fresh water daily. For your pets health, see your veterinarian regularly. Refrigerate after opening and serve as soon as possible.

So Creamy, So Tasty Even the Fussiest of Cats Can’t Resist!

Fussie Cat Purée comes in pouches with four individually wrapped tubes in 8 delectable flavors: Tuna with Chicken, Tuna with Salmon, Tuna with Shrimp, Tuna with Prawn, Tuna with Ocean Fish, Chicken, Chicken with Duck, and Chicken with Vegetables.

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Fussie Cat Tuna & Ocean Fish Puree

$3.79 USD