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Eco Friendly Cat Placemat

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Your customers have carefully selected the best cat food, but have they thought about the best cat bowl? Lead and radioactive metals have been found in cat bowls made overseas. Some cat dishes are even labeled "pet use only." We want the best for cats and believe they should eat and drink from dishes safe enough to use ourselves.

Americat Company considered every detail to create the best cat food and water bowl. Made of hygienic stainless steel and made in the U.S., each batch is 3rd party certified free of lead and radioactive metals. Whisker friendly so cats can enjoy every bite, and dishwasher safe to make cleaning a breeze. Cats use their bowls every single day, so safety is a must!

- All Americat Company products are made in the USA from U.S.-sourced materials
- Non-toxic, human grade, and foodsafe. Manufactured in a facility that follows protocols protocols for human medical and cooking products
- Design prevents whisker fatigue
- Dishwasher safe!
- 5-star customer rating

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Eco Friendly Cat Placemat